Most RECENT conference presentations

September 23, 2016 presentation at the7th annual Early Childhood Mental Health Conference, We Can't Wait Conference -Where Nature and Nurture Meet, Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Diego, CA.

September 20, 2016 presentation for Postpartum Health Alliance, San Diego, CA

March 4, 2016 presentation at the IDA Southern California Regional Conference
Handlery Hotel - San Diego, CA

Strengthening Brain Pathways for Children

This brain-based workshop is designed to strengthen both personal and professional skills through an engaging presentation, and experiential activities. The workshop is grounded in neuroscience and focuses on the development of the child's brain, specifically how repetitive interactions shape the architecture of the brain.


Local WORKSHOPS ARE offered twice per year

every APRIL and OCTOBER:

9:00 am - 3:00pm

La Mesa or Escondido


All of our workshops all grounded in neuroscience, attachment and developmental theories.


Children's Emotional Development is Built Into the Architecture of Their Brains               Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University


Science tells us that relationships change brains! 

Learn what you can do to give your child a solid mental health foundation for life in our upcoming workshops

We present neuroscience based parenting workshops that combine the latest knowledge and research on the brain with childhood development from infancy through adolescence.  Our techniques also integrate regulation therapy based on attachment theory and somatic psychotherapy. All of the techniques you will learn will facilitate your child’s healthy brain development.



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Our workshops are grounded in neuroscience and will focus on the development of your child’s brain, specifically we will look at how your connection and interactions with your child actually shape the architecture of his or her brain.   Specific strategies that you (as a caregiver, teacher, parent, grandparent, therapist, coach or anyone who interacts with youth) can apply immediately to facilitate healthy brain development.  How secure attachments have been shown to improve success in school as well as in personal and social relationships.


Laying Down the Hard Wire for Your Child's Future  

This workshop is designed for expecting parents, experienced moms & dads, grandparents, caregivers, and anyone caring for an infant/child/teen. With a parent-friendly approach, we will focus on the crucial time in your child's growing brain and help you learn how best to lay the hard wire for healthy neuro-development.  The first five years of life as well as the teen years are critical for brain development and we will focus on tools to help you give your child a solid mental health foundation.

All ages will be addressed with tools for each stage of your child’s development: infancy (0-23 mos.), toddler-hood (2-3), early school age (4-6), middle childhood (6-11), adolescence (12-24)

ANOTHER OPTION is an on site workshop which is individualized based on the age of the child. 

Laying the Hard Wire for Life-Best Parenting or Teaching strategies   to Develop your Child or Students Brain Pathways – half day workshop (3 hours - cost is determined by the number of participants, must have a minimum of 8).  This workshop is for those who would like to host a workshop in their home,  at their school or in their community.

Practical tools designed to fit the specific age group of your choice. Choose one or more of the following developmental stages to be addressed:

·       Infancy (children age 0-23 months)

·       Toddler-hood (children age 2-3 years)

·       Early School Age (children age 4-6 years)

·       Middle Childhood (children age 6-11 years)

·       Adolescence (children age 12-18 years)


About the Training Team

We are three professional women devoted to educating parents on how to be the most effective in raising brain-wise children.  We come from academia, clinical practice and early childhood education, we are also mothers with a passion for improving the lives of children.  As members of a neuroscience study group, we stay on the cutting edge of research in the field and are excited to present material based on our studies.  Vincentia Schroeter, Ph.D and Liz Marucheau, LCSW each have over 25 years of experience in the field of mental health working with children, adolescent and adult families.  Chris Muecke has over 25 years of experience working in the field of early childhood education.  We strive to keep an intimate setting for the best possible learning environment; therefore, our workshops have a limited number of slots.   In order to be placed on the waiting list, please contact 619.446.7660  or fill out the form below.

Our trainers are also available to come to you if you have a group of 8 or more. We work in schools as well as in local agencies and individual homes. 

***Discounts are given to preschool and K-12 teachers!



To Sign  up for a workshop

If you would like to sign up for a workshop with us, just fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you. You can also call us directly at 619.446.7660.

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