As a relationship-focused therapist in practice for over 25 years, my goal is to help you cultivate a life worth celebrating by uncovering your true potential. I strive to be completely and utterly intentional with every individual and with every couple I work with. I strive for the highest quality in my approach to help my clients go beyond merely surviving and move toward thriving. The result is a life worth celebrating! My mission is to help children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families be happier, healthier, and connect with their passion, authentic self, and their loved ones.

We know that relationships have the power to change our brains and, therefore transform our lives. That’s why we say it all starts with relationships. Our focus here isn’t just on changing a person’s behavior, but instead on promoting strong and significant relationships between parents and their children, between partners, among educators and students, and even among professionals—all for health, happiness, and the ability to thrive.

My work is grounded in and guided by the principles of Neuroscience, Steven Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, and Attachment Theory. I teach MSW and CFD graduate students at San Diego State University, which requires me to stay informed of cutting-edge research. My practice is intently focused on helping people discover more joy and meaning in their lives through connections with others.  




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