Did you know that by the age of 5 your child’s brain will have grown to 90% of its adult size? Even earlier than that, by age 3, it has already reached 82% of its adult size. This time period is absolutely crucial to the development of your child's brain! If you are wondering what therapy would look like with someone who is under five years of age, click here.  Therapy with someone who is 0-5 years of age always includes their caregiver.

I began my studies of neuroscience after two decades in the field, and becoming well-versed in this cutting-edge area has transformed the way I practice. The interactions between caregivers and young children permanently shape the architecture of the growing brain. As parents and caregivers, we can have a tremendous impact on the future mental health of our children if only we're given the right tools! When I realized just how critical the application of neuroscience is to mental health, I began to distill years of research into what would become the curriculum for our workshops. My goal is not only to give parents scientifically-sound information, but to teach parents exactly how to apply that information in their interactions with their children.

Trillions of brain cell connections, called neural synapses, form in your baby’s brain during the first few years of life. Synapses that do not “connect” in your child’s brain through early experiences, interactions, and stimulation are unfortunately lost, and they don’t come back. This proves that the earliest days, months, and years of your child’s life matter so much when it comes to shaping brain growth and development!

We know that workshops are not for everyone and some parents prefer to be in a more intimate environment to help give their child the best start possible. One-on-one therapy is also available -- in order to learn about what therapy looks like with a child who is 0-5, see my brochure.



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